Namo Sakyamuni Buddha

To all Buddhists, Ladies and Gentlemen

Dear All

The 2559th Buddha Birthday Anniversary has once again returned to the heart of Buddhists all over the world. As usual, both ordination and staying home Buddhists wish to dedicate our respect to the sacred father of life heaven, who found the way to rescue sentient beings.

To commemorate this important and holy event, the Buddha Birthday Anniversary will be held at 10.00am on Sunday 24th May 2015, i.e. the 7th day of the 4th month of the year of the Goat, at Linh Son Temple.

We cordially invite all Buddhists from everywhere to spare some precious time to join us in showing our deep gratitude to the sacred father and praying for the peace of the world.

Wishing you a joyful life and peaceful spirit and everything to your liking during the special event of Buddha Birthday Anniversary.

Bhiksuni Tri Luu


Program of the 2559th Buddha Birthday Anniversary

25 May 2015

  • 9:30                Gathering of guests and Buddhists
  • 9:50                Introduction of the program
  • 9:55                Invite all the monks and nuns to the shrine
  • 10:00              Three strikes of drum and bell, national anthem, Buddha song and one silent minute for the dead
  • Discourse on the meaning of the Buddha Birthday Anniversary
  • Commencement of the ceremony
  • Birthday sutra chant
  • The noon offering
  • Washing Buddha statue ritual
  • 12:00              Vegetarian Lunch
  • 16:00              Complete giving alm